For the past decade, we’ve taken a leadership position in ensuring sustainable practices for new developments and existing properties.

As our strategy continues to evolve—environmental, social and governance principles become even more critical to our business and culture.

Our holistic approach to sustainability is beyond our commitment to LEED certification. Sustainability is at the core of every aspect of the real estate life cycle, from acquisitions and developments through to operations.

The result is pedestrian-friendly, high-density communities with positive social, economic and environmental impacts. Our residents are more engaged and connected given over 90% of our properties are within a 5-minute walk to transit.

Hiker close to cliff with forst in the background and overlooking a city in the distance.


We generate long-term value by minimizing our environmental impact on the planet and positively affecting people and the communities we call home. We pursue properties and developments in areas with the potential to make life better for the most people possible.


In our approach to construction, we aim to reduce carbon emissions at every opportunity. We have committed to develop and certify all new projects to LEED, and obtain BOMA BEST certification on all existing properties.


We integrate operational efficiency into how we manage our neighbourhoods every day. We’re constantly engaging the community to create awareness and further improve our energy consumption and waste programs.