Preparing for the Future of Sustainability: Electric Vehicles

One of the major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions is combustion engines. In fact, the pollutants released by gas fuelled cars and trucks contributes to a fifth of the world’s total greenhouse gases. As a leading owner, operator, and developer of mixed-use real estate, First Capital is focused on finding ways to reduce carbon emissions across our portfolio through various initiatives – including electric vehicle charging stations.

Check out our EV charging parking stall and cleaning bay at Yorkville Village in Toronto, ON!

In doing our part, First Capital is implementing EV charging stations at every single one of our properties by the end of 2024. So far, we currently have 160 charging stations across 48 properties with 90 more to be installed at 40 properties this summer. By early fall, we’ll bring our total number of EV charging stations up to 250, with plans for additional installations coming soon. We’re working with community partners such as Natural Resources Canada and LeadingAhead Energy to install these stations nationwide. As outlined in our 2020-2024 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Roadmap, we are committed to furthering and improving our corporate sustainability practices – the implementation of EV charging stations is just one of many.

Seton Gateway’s EV charging stations in Calgary, AB