Giving Back: Supporting Frontline Workers

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an outpouring of inspiring community support. Across Canada, help is being offered for those most in need, and in particular recognizing the frontline workers who are working to keep us healthy and safe, and care for those impacted directly by the virus. As a show of gratitude, First Capital is bringing practical relief to the frontline community, while also supporting our specialty food and restaurant tenants.

To launch this frontline worker meal program, First Capital has sourced fresh and delicious meals from Toronto’s renowned McEwan’s Fine Foods for delivery to the frontline healthcare workers at Mount Sinai Hospital. This hospital, which is a part of the Sinai Health System, is ranked one of the leading hospitals in North America and is at the centre of Toronto’s pandemic fight, focused on the care and safety of patients, families and the hospitals people.  For these frontline healthcare professionals who work tirelessly over long shifts, a delivered nutritious meal is an important part of staying healthy and can also make their day just a little easier.

Our super urban philosophy is all about bringing communities together, and this pandemic reminds us of what we can achieve when we work collaboratively. As we explore additional meal delivery opportunities that support tenant partners across our portfolio, healthcare workers operating on the front lines of this pandemic are foremost on our minds. First Capital team is pleased to provide them with great-tasting and nutritious meals, our appreciation and most of all our THANKS!