FCR CECRA Tenant Online Application Portal launches Monday, June 15, 2020

FCR is committed to supporting our small business tenants through participating in the CECRA program.

The FCR CECRA Tenant Application portal will provide qualifying tenants with access to apply to the program with the required CECRA tenant information.  

Please ensure you confirm you meet the FCR tenant registration criteria on the portal landing page prior to proceeding to create an account.

Once the tenant application is reviewed by FCR, the required CECRA tenant documents will be issued to the tenant for execution.

Deadline to submit tenant application: Friday, June 26, 2020.

Please note, if you are already accepted in the FCR SBSP, you have the option to choose between the SBSP or CECRA, but not both. If you qualify for CECRA and apply to FCR CECRA, once your application is processed and approved by CECRA, the terms of the CECRA Rent Reduction Agreement will replace and terminate the prior SBSP agreement.

Be sure to stay informed as CECRA continues to provide regular updates – here is the link to access the latest CECRA program details + FAQ.

Access your FCR CECRA application here.